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New Sound International Journal of Music is a peer reviewed academic periodical. It promotes musical creativity and theoretical concepts about music – musicological, ethnomusicological, analytical, phylosofical, aesthetical, etc. While presenting Serbian contemporary and traditional music worldwide, New Sound also deals with provocative issues on music and scientific problems concerning music in other countries as well. It focuses on composers' poetic, newly done compositions, various research problems, etc. from the aspect of analysis and contextual musicological interpretation. The journal also contains a survey of international festivals of new music, book and CD reviews and reviews of defended MA and PhD theses.

Comming in the next issue (No. 50, II/2017):

1. Daniel KL Chua: Global Musicology. Virtual discussion between Chris Walton, Nico Schüler and Marcel Cobussen; 2. Jeff R. Warren: Music Ethics Politics; 3. Marija Masnikosa: Little Mermaid... by Goran Kapetanović as a postmodern tragedy; 4. Rima Povilionienė: Musica Fibonacciana – Aesthetic and Practical Approach; 5. Pierre Albert Castanet: Art-Science et Musique Contemporaine – les métaphores de la fractalité; 6. Lauren Redhead, Alistair Zaldua, Steve Gisby, Sophie Stone: Performing Temporal Processes; 7. Arnold Berleant: Further Ruminations on Music; 8. Dimitrije Golemović: We are all passers-by. To professor Dr. Dragoslav Dević (1925–2017). Is Mokranjac the first Serbian ethnomusicologist?; 9. Srđan Teparić: Temporality and movement in the composition of Toba by Branka Popović; 10. Nico Schüler: Analytical Observations of Duality in Time by James (Jim) C. Scully; 11. Tijana Ilišević: Teleological strategies in Octandre by Edgard Varèse; 12. Milena Petrović, Gordana Ačić, Vera Milanković: Sound of Picture vs Picture of Sound: Musical Palindrome; 13. Dejan Despić: My vocal mosaics; 14. Anastasia Siopsi: Aural and visual manifestations of the scream in art, beginning with Edvard Munch’s Der Schrei der Natur; 15. Vesna Mikić: Remediation and post-production as constituents of the contemporary music industry; 16. Marcel Cobussen: Improvising (with) Sounds: A Sonic Postcard from Belgrade; 17. Ana Kotevska: Serbian Musicological Society before the second decade (2006-2017); 18. Alexandros Charkiolakis: The notion of the enemy in the Greek operatic world of the 19th and 20th centuries; 19. Ivana Petković: Tijana Popović Mladjenović, Blanka Bogunović, and Ivana Perković: Interdisciplinary Approach to Music: Listening, Performing, Composing; 20. Marija Nikolić: Review of the CD by Nataša Danilović; 21. Aleksandra Gartnar: Marija Maglov: "The best of": umetnička muzika u PGP-u;22. Marija Maglov: Unchaining the Digital Music Business? 8th Vienna Music Business Research Days (VMBRD) 2017; 23. Radoš Mitrović: 26th International Composers’ Review.

This journal is classified in ERIH – European Reference Index for the Humanities