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New Sound International Journal of Music is a peer reviewed open access academic periodical.

It was founded in 1993 by the Union of Yugoslav Composers' Organisations and at the proposal of a small group of professional enthusiasts. In 1997 its publishing was transfered to Music Information Centre of the Union of Yugoslav Composers' Organisations. In 2008 new publisher of the journal became the Department of Musicology of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade.

The main goal of our journal is to promote and present music of Serbia and theoretical concepts about music – musicological, ethnomusicological, analytical, philosophical, aesthetic, theory of media, cultural studies...

As a specific continuation of (old) ex-Yugoslav journal – Sound – New Sound surpasses its predecessor by new and decisively international scope. So, while presenting domestic contemporary and traditional music worldwide, New Sound also deals with provocative issues on music and scientific problems concerning music in other countries as well.

Thus, our primary goal was achieved, bearing in mind the folllowing words of our Editor-in-Chief Mirjana Veselinović-Hofman, Ph.D, professor at the Department of Musicology at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, written back in 1993:

...In profound conviction that music and the professional ethics of the musician (like those of the artist, scientist, aesthetician, philosopher...) fundamentally bind us together all ower the world, enabling us all to overcome even the greatest of life's vicissitudes, I shall endavour for New Sound to grow into one of those musicological arenas that are characterised by the necessary excange of information on an international level, about the experiences and manifold aspects of reflexion on complex musicological problems.

General information

The journal is published semestrally, each issue in two separate editions – Serbian and English. Permanent secions of the New Sound International Journal of Music are: Conversations, New Sound's Thematic Series, Studies, Interpretations, New Works, Analytical Perspectives, Research and Tradition, Festivals and Symposia, Reviews. The journal has an open and flexible approach to demands of modern science.

The New Sound website was launched in 2004.